This page chronicles the sexcapades of a young woman stepping into the kink lifestyle, and really anywhere else her animal urges lead her. I’m sure as hell having fun with it, so please try to do the same! If you are under 18 or have a stick up your ass delicate sensibilities, go read something else.

All that’s left is to ask: Where would you like to begin?

A) At the beginning, duh.

B) Whatever’s┬áhot off the press.

C) Give me the short and sweet. What exactly have you been up to so far?

D) I want to know more about this blog!

Happy reading, and remember: never hesitate to ask a question, relate a story, express your admiration (anyone? anyone?), or tell me I’m a hell-bound cunt. Tootles!

Screw Loose Honey

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