Wine, cheese, and rimjobs: My first scene with a married Dom couple.

I pulled my old clunker up to a beautiful suburban condo overlooking the water.

“Welcome, welcome!” Rocket Man said cheerfully as he opened the heavy front door. “Come on in!”

Photographs of babies, pets, and vacation spots followed me up the staircase and into a crisp, rather mod living room. Placed tastefully around the room were what looked to the layman’s eye like Japanese art. In the center of the room stood a 7-foot-tall bamboo tripod structure, the top bound in rope and suspending a large metal ring. I had a feeling I knew who was going to be tied to that tripod. Continue reading


It’s always handy to have a cock around. (Plus: fake orgasms and STDs!)

My Convenient Cock (one of my two roommates) is back, and I’m doin’ a happy-dance over here!

Some OkCupid bitch (read: interesting, attractive, girlfriend-material young woman) was stealing his attention for a while, but it looks like she’s fallen off the map a bit, and Convenient Cock is no longer trying to will a relationship into existence by abstaining from our fuck sessions. Continue reading

Advice wanted: Help me help a newbie. (Plus, anal plugs!)

I have been called upon to educate.

I was in a sorority in college and, while I have major qualms with the system as a whole (a discussion for a different blog, perhaps), I always relished those moments when I could assume the role of a mentor for one of the younger girls. But that was more along the lines of essays and internships. Not kinky sex.

I'm hoping she's already taken the remedial coursework.

I’m hoping she’s already taken the remedial coursework.

Continue reading

Mind control …is it supposed to happen this quickly?

Again, I’ll let some thoughts from A. start us out:

A true D/s relationship offers an emotional depth and intimacy far beyond any kind of role play, and much deeper than even vanilla relationships. It’s about tapping into deep and true feelings and not “playing” a part. That also means it’s hugely rewarding when it works. Continue reading

It’s all in the anticipation.

A. certainly has a way with words. On the topic of orgasm denial:

Even something as simple as seeing a roll of tape will make your mind imagine being wrapped in bondage tape. Or seeing a piece of string will make you see yourself tied up with rope. Heaven forbid you see any chains, even thin silver necklace ones, and you’ll see yourself shackled to a bed in cold, hard, unforgiving steel. Soon practically anything will arouse you, as everything becomes a reminder that you’ve effectively locked away you’re needy little pussy in a chastity belt and handed the key to a strange man you’ve never even met.

We all know how SHE'S gonna turn out...

We all know how SHE’S gonna turn out…

For the purpose of ramping up the denial, A. asked me if I am up for some edging (getting right up to the point of climax and then backing down). Continue reading