Other Sexy Blogs

I won’t lead you astray here. Pinky promise. I do read and love other blogs as well, but below is a manageable collection of the ones I really do think anyone would dig…Anyone who managed to navigate to my page without immediately cringing and peacing out, that is. (That’s right, they are all related to sex, kink, and/or gender issues).

1. The Belle Jar

This witty Canadian super-feminist (not in the sense that her views are terribly extreme, but that she is just fucking super at being a feminist) will make you think. Choose any article: You’ll be confronted with a complex question or controversial current event, you’ll furrow your brow, nod slowly as you scroll down, and leave a better person for it. Not an especially scandalous blog, just smart as fuck.

2. The University of Abject Submission

 Tune in here for the very honest and incisive musings of a self-described emotional masochist. You’ll find not only some great analysis of self and of BDSM, but also a whole lot of useful links and resources, guest posts, and solid advice. Yingtai invites thought and critical self-reflection.

3. Jolynn Raymond

While I don’t tune into Jolynn Raymond’s blog for a frequent fix, I consider it to be nothing short of a kink encyclopedia. If encyclopedias came with opinions and tutorials. This blog houses one of the most comprehensive anal sex guides on the Internet. Ms. Raymond also apparently pens quite a few erotic novels, so check that out as well if you’re so inclined.

4. The Snarky Snatch (image missing because the blog is currently down)

If you can find me a funnier sex blog — no, a funnier blog, PERIOD — you win an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas, a pony, and a blowjob courtesy of me. I can’t stop laughing (and then cringing, and then nodding along, and then laughing some more) when I read this widely-loved author’s rants and sexcapades. In Snarky Snatch’s own words, you’ll find plenty of “vodka soaked crazy musings of my dating adventures meets bitter ex-girlfriend spirals, meets gleeful schadenfreude.”

5. Cava Supernova

Someday I’ve got to meet this feisty, Dommy, British chick in person, and I have a feeling I’ll come away from it with a new favorite — and absolutely depraved — story. On her site you’ll find a mixture of surprisingly thoughtful essays and knee-slapping tales about pegging sissies or navigating the online sex market. “Imagine Liam and Noel Gallagher (and Miranda [Hart] and Courtney [Love]) running riot in a Tesco booze aisle, spunking their ClubCard vouchers on cut-price sparkling wine, then descending on their local fetish club. That’s it. That’s me.” Naughty language and self-deprecating humor abound.

6.  Missionary Impossible

Really, all you need to know about this blog is that the author signs off on her articles, “Sincerely, the Daring Vagina.” That, and the fact that her vagina is named Catherine the Great and has a hearty appetite for Craigslist dick. This blog is probably the most similar to my own in that it comprises a wide collection of, er, endearing sexcapade play-by-plays, interspersed with pieces of self-reflection. You’ll be laughing along (and wishing you had the guts to follow in her footsteps) in no time.

7. A Ph.D. in Me

This is my Wild Card #1, as the blog is in its nascent stages, but I think the author has proven to have some lovely insights into sex and relationships, among other critical life functions. Check her out if you’re in the mood to hear a level-headed woman discuss difficult topics in a frank manner. You go, girl.

8. K is for Kinky

K is for Kinky is not just a second Wild Card pick, it’s more like a blind guess. It’s barely gotten off the ground, but I am looking forward to reading what I expect to be well-educated, incisive, fact-driven articles on all things kink. The “kinkteam” and couple, Kiah and Diana, have their noses into everything from Human Biology to the Furry community, and their mission is to put to rest misconceptions surrounding sex, kink, gender, and puppies. Except not puppies. Okay, so they’ve only got 3/4 of my favorite things covered.

You may have noticed that, as it stands, all of my recommended blogs are written by women. You may have then rolled your eyes and groaned loudly about my being a ttotal fucking misandrist (or the Internet’s favorite/my least favorite new term, ‘feminazi’). I value getting an array of perspectives on any one topic, and believe me, I tried to include a male viewpoint here. Whether or not it’s by chance, I simply couldn’t find a kinky dude-blog I considered sufficiently well-written to merit inclusion. Please link one in the comments below if you’ve got a recommendation. For reals, we would all benefit.


3 comments on “Other Sexy Blogs

  1. Yingtai says:

    Wow. I’m honoured.

    Unspeakable Axe doesn’t update all that frequently nowadays, but he is my absolute favourite male blogger. His entries are pretty short, but together they give you a heart-wringing picture of the odds against male submissives. And I’m happy to report there’s a happy ending: he just got married!

  2. I had no idea you had written this about me. I’m so honored! Thank you, darlin! Catherine does enjoy craigslist a bit too much.

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