This is my secret, and you are my confidante.

Why not break out the umbrella terms? Let’s go ahead and call me a white, hetero-flexible, cisgender, female submissive. I dabble in Domination/submission, swinging, bondage, girl-on-girl hookups, and good old regular vanilla dating. Follow along with me as I eagerly navigate the waters of BDSM and general sexytime fun. Plenty of snafus ensue, but also some priceless adventures and maybe even a little enlightenment. I post about once a week, or more often if shit’s really goin’ down.

As you can read here in my first post, I began taking the first conscious steps toward a more gratifying sex life soon after I turned 23. I am now a 24-year-old Masters student, and I live in the balmy city of Seattle. Physically, I’m a prototypical Seattle girl: I’m of average height and mildly chubby build, brown hair, pale skin, and with a couple innocuous tattoos and piercings.

It’s that salty Northwest air that perverts us. The town’s going to pot.

I am not an experienced blogger, but I suppose that is because I’ve never had a story to tell quite like this one. I welcome all feedback, but especially anything that can help educate me on the various perspectives on kink and sex. It’s a topic that fascinates me. My philosophy on sex is best expressed in this post, titled “How I stopped carrying my feelings in my vagina,” But I am always — always — interested in growing further.

We all know that anonymity begets honesty, which is why no identifying information is ever included in my posts. Names have been changed. Usually to something stupid. To follow along with the story line of a particular character, click on their name in the tag cloud (the tags with quotation marks are people).

Have fun! (If you stop having fun, stop reading. Seriously.)

Screw Loose Honey


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