Advice wanted: Help me help a newbie. (Plus, anal plugs!)

I have been called upon to educate.

I was in a sorority in college and, while I have major qualms with the system as a whole (a discussion for a different blog, perhaps), I always relished those moments when I could assume the role of a mentor for one of the younger girls. But that was more along the lines of essays and internships. Not kinky sex.

I'm hoping she's already taken the remedial coursework.

I’m hoping she’s already taken the remedial coursework.

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Text-activated fun

Has anyone reading heard of this ridiculous, totally ingenious invention? Apparently I’ve been missing out on a remotely controlled vibrator that can be activated via text message. What an entertaining way for a person to play with and control another from afar… That is on A.’s shopping list, as is a (very small, please!!) anal plug for me.

If you’ve got a favorite gadget or accessory to recommend, I am all ears. I love new toys.