The best two adjectives I’ve ever been assigned in bed.

Had my second date with The Engineer last night (read about the first date here and the awkward tampon incident here). Luckily, no mention of the tampon was made. All recollection of it has floated off in the breeze. It shall never be spoken of again.

It was a simple date with a lot of conversation over beer, the show Cosmos (I told you this guy was nerdy), and Pulp Fiction, followed by a healthy round of sex. He fingered me, I gave him a good go ’round with my mouth (I’m only somewhat confident in my skills in intercourse, but I am a goddamn CHAMP at giving a blowjob), then a little 69 and sex. I must admit being just slightly disappointed with the size of his dick the first time I saw it, but — goodness! — it fits well inside me. Length is really not an issue. It’s all about the girth.

All of this man’s flaws are absolved by girth and cuddles.

While we were lying in bed (his mattress is directly on the floor of his fratty, messy room…again, absolved by girth and cuddles), he smiled at me and paid me the perfect compliment. If this is the impression I leave a man after sleeping with him, I have done my job well:

“Mmm,” he said. “I love how you’re so wet and fierce.

Wet and fierce? Wet, I have heard before. But fierce? Rawwrr. You bet your ass, boy. I’m a lioness.


I laughed and told him, that “nobody ever got anywhere by being dry and meek.” A statement with which neither of us could disagree.

I’ll end this brief post with a happy tidbit I learned about The Engineer last night, and one that may join the ranks of girth and cuddles as one of his major assets:

“You’ve got a really quick refractory period,” I mused out loud, after I’d had my fierce way with him once more. It’s true, he’ll cum, chat for a minute or so, and start right back up again. I found it quite impressive.

“So. Fun fact about me,” he replied. “I always stay hard after I cum. I guess not everyone does, but yeah… I just don’t get soft.”

My eyes became gleeful and wide. “Yes, that is a very fun fact.”

(I guess it's a GIF kind of day.)


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