The Unicorn is getting restless.

I haven’t had a threesome for a year now. Christ.

It’s not entirely for lack of options. There’s a lovely couple whom I’ve got in the works, but I’m trying to decide whether that’s in fact what I want to go for at the moment. I like the idea of trying out one of those relationship thingamajigs again — albeit with someone who can match my kink this time. With my Master’s program and part-time work among other obligations, I frankly don’t think I have time to juggle real dating along with threesomes and whatever other sexcapades I decide I want to try out.

Woe is me, what a life I must endure…

But mahhhhm, I don't want to choose. Can't I have the Meet The Parents Pop AND the Eiffel Tower Taffy?

But mahhhhm, I don’t want to choose. Can’t I have the Meet The Parents Pop AND the Eiffel Tower Taffy?

The couple, who would be my second Craigslist find now, seem like super cool people. They’re in their early 30s and have had multiple positive experiences with bringing in a third. I’ll call her Pinup for her sexy curves and retro style, and him Prince Albert. For his cock piercing. (Aside: anyone ever fucked one of those? How does it feel?)

Okay, that totally looks like a little cartoon snail. And now I can't unsee it.

Okay, that totally looks like a little cartoon snail. And now I can’t unsee it.

From the sound of it, we have similar scenarios in mind, i.e., no strings attached, hookups recurring, maybe hanging outside the bedroom too, if we happen to have a good platonic jibe going on. I’ve got just one small concern with them. In my response to their Craigslist ad, I mentioned an interest in Dom/sub play. They expressed openness and certainly weren’t taken aback by the idea, but it’s not entirely their ‘thing,’ beyond some handcuffs and spanking. Light on the physical side, and probably nill on the psychological side.

As I’ve expressed a few times in this blog, I’m really not much of a masochist anyway (say, 20% to the 80% plain old submissive). I want my psyche fucked — and hard. It’s the cool, collected, and instructive Dom that really gets me going. I wish there was as well fleshed out a genre for CMNF porn as there is for CFNM, because the thought of being bare naked and diddled by a suited-up CEO type is incredibly hot to me.

How many of these fingers shall we put in your little pussy today, hmm?

How many of these fingers shall we put in your little pussy today, hmm?

From what the Internets lead me to believe, I’m in a fairly easy position to be (statistically speaking, that is) as a young, urban-dwelling, heteroflexible female willing to be a third. Perhaps it’s time to start browsing some more no-no sites. And between reading the profiles of various loving couples that I want to tie me down spread-eagle, fuck me with toys, forbid me to cum, tell me exactly how they want their cock and pussy licked, wrap me up in rope, fill me with dick from behind and pussy in my face, tickle my clit, tease my asshole, make me masturbate while I watch them fuck, and call me a very good girl, I’ll find time to go grab the occasional coffee with a nice boy who likes How I Met Your Mother and corgis.

It’s called compartmentalization, folks.


UPDATE one day later: I just came home from a an OkCupid date. A little tipsy from a ginger-Jameson drink and a few local ambers. That Jameson nearly shot straight out of my nose when the guy (a goofy, wholesome, friend-zone type) told me that his favorite dog breeds were pugs and …corgis.

Case closed. I’ve got the male species pegged.


5 comments on “The Unicorn is getting restless.

  1. I’ve had sex with a partner that had a prince Albert. It was interesting to say the least.

  2. Marty says:

    Ha ha! You’re good

    • Thanks, Marty 🙂 I’m glad that other people can get some amusement out of my adventures and foibles. I’m having a good time with them, to say the least.

      A crazy earthling

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