Advice wanted: Help me help a newbie. (Plus, anal plugs!)

I have been called upon to educate.

I was in a sorority in college and, while I have major qualms with the system as a whole (a discussion for a different blog, perhaps), I always relished those moments when I could assume the role of a mentor for one of the younger girls. But that was more along the lines of essays and internships. Not kinky sex.

I'm hoping she's already taken the remedial coursework.

I’m hoping she’s already taken the remedial coursework.

I got a message from one of the girls a few days ago. She had heard I’d been in a threesome, and contacted me to ask about my experiences, as she has been going through a recent evolution of her perspective on sex and relationships. She mentioned an interest in open relationships (she is currently dating a guy), but I get the feeling she is hungry for information about deviant sex/relationships on a broader scale.

I told her some of my story, but I would also love to point her in the direction of some beginner resources. I can only offer her the perspective of one year’s worth of kink. It’s hardly something about which I can confidently lecture.

Anyone know of a solid resource that covers kink/BDSM/poly/all things fun and deviant, in a manner that would be helpful to a newbie? A favorite site or blog, maybe?

On a different note:

I got myself an anal plug! That old vibrator was simply not the best tool for tickling my asshole’s fancy. Neither are my own fingers (it’s a tough angle to get right). I think this puppy might do the trick. If I’m a good girl and finish my homework tonight, I might even give it a whirl and report back — at which point I can cross it off my list of firsts! Here’s the one I selected. It’s made by Doc Johnson.

But seriously. How cute is that?

But seriously. How cute is that?

 UPDATE. Yup, that was nice. The tapered ends made it easier to slide in. I’m not really a pro at anal, so the Medium’s 1.5″ diameter was quite enough for me (for any prospective customers, it comes in Small and Large as well).

Anal plug

Double penetration with toys is great, but it really reminds me that the space in my pelvic area is not unlimited. When I put my awesome purple vibe in the other hole, the plug had filled me up so much that I couldn’t get the vibrator in further than an inch or two. And when I came, I popped that pop plug clear out of my butt! Wish I could show you my weirdly contorted expression when that happened: O-face interrupted by panic face. Thank goodness I had laid a hand towel down to protect my sheets. Although — and maybe this deserves a whole ‘nother post at some point — I have been pleasantly surprised by the absence of poopy mess when it comes to anal play. I’ve never used an enema or anything. I think I’ve been lucky.

If I ever do anal on the day when, say, I just so happened to have visited that Indian place with the 2-star Yelp reviews…God help us all.


4 comments on “Advice wanted: Help me help a newbie. (Plus, anal plugs!)

  1. Yingtai says:

    Ooh! Mentoring is fun. I hope she has a good experience.

    It may be overkill, but my attempt at such a resource is at

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