Text-activated fun

Has anyone reading heard of this ridiculous, totally ingenious invention? Apparently I’ve been missing out on a remotely controlled vibrator that can be activated via text message. What an entertaining way for a person to play with and control another from afar… That is on A.’s shopping list, as is a (very small, please!!) anal plug for me.

If you’ve got a favorite gadget or accessory to recommend, I am all ears. I love new toys.


3 comments on “Text-activated fun

  1. Yingtai says:

    Water. Coming from a showerhead attached to a hose. Preferably one with different settings. A hassle to install, but so worth it in my case. Massage jets in a Jacuzzi would work equally well but those are harder to come by.

    I hope the meeting went well. And if it didn’t, I hope you’re not hesitating to cut loose.

  2. Attached to a hose, eh? I’ve never thought much of the regular old shower-head, but maybe it just hasn’t been at a high enough power.

    It did go well! It’s hard to know what to expect, but the end result is that I’m still intrigued and still fully plan on cutting loose πŸ˜‰ I am heading into a few days of intense studying for my Masters program, but will eventually write more detail about it. Thanks!

    • Yingtai says:

      I only just saw this reply, sorry! Yes, the power makes a huge difference. Mine work better after they’ve been installed for a while, I think because the little jets have time to get misaligned, and it’s probably the confluence of two or three little jets that actually does it. And even then, I’ve gradually realised that the reason why showerheads work better than anything else for me is that they work by edging me naturally. You don’t seem to have a problem getting that effect with other, er, implements. πŸ™‚

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